Poured concrete is just one tool Marr B. Olsen’s expert tradespeople have to get a project done. Using shotcrete over traditional methods can help clients save time and money while still delivering strong, attractive concrete solutions.

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete was invented in 1907 by Carl Akeley. Akeley was a taxidermist, sculptor, environmentalist, and biologist who developed the shotcrete process to repair the Field Columbian Museum in Chicago. Today, shotcrete uses pneumatics to spray concrete into nearly any location. The results share the same structural characteristics as cast-in-place concrete but without the time and labor spent building forms. Both the wet and dry shotcrete processes use compressed air to deliver concrete to a surface through a hose and nozzle. Set-up is easy and completed very quickly, saving on-site time and money while creating an incredibly strong final project. There are a variety of shotcrete methods that may make the most sense for your needs and budget.

Shotcrete Applications

Shotcrete easily accepts textures, colors, and stains to give your project the exact look you want. Olsen’s highly-trained nozzlemen ensure the completed work is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.
We can use shotcrete for a wide variety of projects, including:
  • shear walls
  • retaining walls
  • architectural walls
  • sloped pavement
  • soil nailing
  • architectural landscaping
  • tanks
  • domes
  • marine applications
Because shotcrete application methods are so flexible, we can complete projects nearly anywhere, including areas typically inaccessible to heavy equipment, overhead, and underground. We can even place shotcrete into complex shapes to give your project that sculpted look that will keep people talking for years to come!

Your Choice for Shotcrete Contractors

Marr B. Olsen’s team of tradespeople and concrete experts want to show you why we’re the clear choice for all your shotcrete projects. We use the latest equipment to deliver high-quality results—on time and on budget—with a devotion to safety that is second to none. Contact us today to experience the “Great start and fantastic finish” that makes us a leading general and concrete contractor.