Other Services


When it comes to the movement and build up of water, each structure or environment creates unique problems. Dealing with these problems efficiently is imperative to the safety and longevity of these environments. Marr. B. Olsen brings the experience and resources necessary to set up long lasting and effective foundation and site drainage systems. We do custom drainage systems or can recommend solutions in many cases.


Proper waterproofing, similar to drainage, is as important to the structural integrity and functionality of a wall as the build of the structure itself. That said, foundation and retaining wall waterproofing are oftentimes not given the attention they need. At Marr B. Olsen, we understand the importance and the need to get it right the first time. We do custom waterproofing or can recommend a system specifically for your project. All waterproofing jobs are guaranteed for 50 years.


Where and how you break ground is just as important to the finished product as any other steps in the construction process. Because of this, Marr B. Olsen owns each step in the process starting with excavating our footings and prepping our slabs. Some of the tools we use are hand digging and hand dug pits, drilling and other mechanical methods.